PUUR came to life when the founder, Mary, adapted a cream to help her friend with a sensitive skin problem. Mary has been working as a skin care therapist and amateur herbalist for more than 35 years. She has a true passion for researching the function and ingredients of all skin care products. While doing so, she witnessed many skin care products charging high prices, but not offering a matching quality behind the façade of their fancy packaging. With her knowledge of skin allergies, she started to work with a chemist on her formulations. She developed her skin care products by focusing on problem skin solutions and persistently selecting top-notch ingredients sourced from Germany & Japan. Friends and customers started using her sample formulas. When they returned with enthusiastic and overwhelmingly good feedback, asking for more samples, the idea to build up PUUR came up.

 In 2012, Mary partnered with Wing, who had worked in the beauty and skin care industry for years. On the strong foundations of Mary’s product knowledge and Wing’s market knowledge, PUUR was established.





During my 30 years experience, I have treated nearly every skin type and have dealt with the widest variety of skin problems. My extensive experience and knowledge of skin care enables me to develop effective skin care products for my customers. Each formulation goes through extensive real-life testing, ensuring that each product is loved for its result before it's launched.






I have worked in the beauty industry for many years. As part of my job in skin care marketing and product development, I was required to try a large amount of skin care products from around the world and compare their ingredients. It is no secret that a lot of the so-called world-known brands are not necessarily as good as they claim they are. On the other hand, I tried Mary’s home-made product and simply loved the result. My sensitive skin problem was solved and we started to work out how we could bring Mary’s products to a broader audience. PUUR was born to address people’s problem skin.